• Core Team

    HostYourVoice.org Team

    : Larice Meija
    At the age of 17, Larice Meija founded her first company: a local food shelter nonprofit company. However, when it comes to the the shelter, she struggled getting more people to hear about the organization and the work of the organizations around her. That's why she helped start HostYourVoice. Now a GOOGLE Bold fellow, she is aiming to transform the way social enterprises and nonprofits work.

    Co-Founder: Amulya Parmar
    At the age of 15, Amulya Parmar founded his first company: a webhosting and web-design agency. At the age of 16, Amulya founded an international e-learning platform with universal, free access to courses for investing, coding, and marketing. Today, a Amulya Parmar, a Coca-Cola Scholarship recipient & Elks Scholar, seeks to work at the intersection of education, technology, and innovation under the motto: "Share Skills & Inspire Knowledge," founding the Host Your Voice to scale good internationally.

    Marketing Coordinator: Emily Hanson
    Emily Hanson is a talented and mission-driven marketing director with a passion for outreach and amplification, especially concerning start-ups. She leads planning, brand implementation, grant search, and HostYourVoice global campaigns. A lover of all things branding, Emily hopes to bring a voice to the voiceless by projecting their message to the world.

    iOS Project Lead: Jayven Nhan
    A talented Apple WWDC Scholar and passionate developer focused on revolutionizing accessibility, Jayven Nhan is driven to make an impact in the iOS app ecosystem. Jayven leads the development of a new, mission-focused HYV app 'Microdeadlines.' Jayven understands the development & collaboration space well, and also projects his voice into as the Editor for the largest iOS dev blog in the world. 

    Team Coordinator: Gurpreet Kalsi
    A people centric and team-first leader, Gurpreet Kalsi, a former soccer coach and statewide honored Eagle Scout, aims to change the top down approach form of leadership. Here at HostYourVoice (US branch), Gurpreet seeks exciting new individuals and collaborates with them on an organizational level to help us do more amazing things, together. 

    Photographer & HostYourVoice.org Scholar: Clay Carrington
    Clay, Photographer & HostYourVoice Scholar, is a passionate, driven, and motivated Michigan-based photographer and brand enthusiast. Founder of the @MoldMelikeClay featurette brand by inspiration as a HYV Scholar.His motto: "Founded In Faith. Designed With Love. Created With Care." speaks to his personal testimony, as he began to open his eyes, a once blind photographer that now sees, using photography to tell his story.

    Brand Ambassador for HostYourVoice India: Vanky Kataria
    Vanky Kataria is an Huffington Post featured motivational speaker and leader in education in partnership with HostYourVoice India. He was also nominated for the Runner-up prize in the GENIUS-U Educator Certification Program,2017 which invited entries from educators all around the world and a Guest Faculty at Rasbihari International School. He helps represent and scale the reach of HostYourVoice's mission to "become the source for change."

  • Partners

    Our Partners

    PVBLIC Foundation | pvblic.org
    Powerful Outreach  | powerfuloutreach.com
    Lambda School  | lambdaschool.com
    Efiwe | efiwe.org
    Kidskintha | kidskintha.com

  • Advisors

    Thank you to all the incredibly talented advisors and experts who have worked with, shared their time, and resources with Host Your Voice! We would not be here, able to scale good without you all.

    Adarsh Rachmale
    Daniel Wilkins
    Devishobha Chandramouli
    Justin Lazafan
    Paul McNeal
    Tapan Kataria
    Tel Ganesan
    Rohit Timmagi
    Shriyash Jakular
    Zac Jacob

  • How can I join the team?

    How can I join the team?

    We here at Host Your Voice, tend to be a friendly group. Just reach out to us, we would love to hear from you.

    If you are interested in joining team, our family of partners, or advisors, just email us at team@hostyourvoice.org, message us on our Facebook page, or DM us on Instagram.

    Can't wait to hear from you!